I’m not in Love

I read love stories
I sing love songs
I talk about love
But I’m not in love.

We’ve been friends for long
I know you want more than that
You have shown me to your parents
But I’m still not in love.

Everyone thinks we are a perfect match
They all say we should get married
And you know very well
That I’m not in love.

You’ve been there for me
You’ve been my earthly Jesus
I call to you every time and you respond
But I’m still not in love
And I hope you’ll understand.

Gerald Adjei

14 thoughts on “I’m not in Love

      1. No worries, Gerald, your caliber of poetry could not disappoint. Just be yourself and have fun enjoying the art of writing! I am Tina, it is very nice to meet you. Any friend of Cecilia’s is a friend of mine. Welcome and thanks for the lovely poetry.

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  1. How bizarre; I was thinking the same, well just that probably he wouldn’t actually be good enough for you. He’ s a bit too modest perhaps. Totally understandable. You aim for much higher than he in this earhly realm, and that is a difference that could cause different paths to be taken.

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