Maame told me not to wriggle

Because it will make many eyes do the tickle

But a step from leg come with a wriggle

And I saw no eyes do the tickle

So I wriggled my wriggle

On my many leggy workings


I met Apia on the way to farm

One Monday and I saw no harm

He looked at me and said damn!

You look so much like your beautiful mum

He touched my hair and said to calm

For he would never do me harm


He touched my neck

And gave me a peck

He said that was the white way to remove a speck

Mmm aaaa, I want you on deck

You’re so important I can’t call you on beck

But please calm my ways and keep me in check


I didn’t want to touch him

But his countenance was dim

As he lay in pain under the tree called nim

So I lay beside him 

To calm his whim

But a snake stood from inside of him


I made to run

But he had on me a ban

He held me like a ham and told me he was a man

And if he so desires he would throw me into a can

I felt my blood boiling like a coke’s gas run

After a while I looked for a bite and did find none


A snake rose from a man’s farm

And did me harm

But I felt I wanted more of that fine harm

Until mama caught me looking harmed

She looked so angry I couldn’t keep calm

She said damn! Now I’ll cause you harm

If only she had explained to me the harm

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


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