Gentle talks defeat flying sticks

Whipping mouths wake darkness in hearts

“Ano brԑbrԑ ma abaa tↄ

Ano mfiawa huhuru akuma”

Talk to the tongue,

To talk to the sharp teeth

To stop salivating when tempers stand

For all.

Otuu “ayԑ me, me nso mԑyԑ no bi”

In fact, Otuu “ayԑ me, me deԑ me de ԑyԑ behyԑ no”

Supporter, “ahyԑ no” singlet, “ahyԑ no” trousers, “ahyԑ no” shirti,

“Asan ahyԑ no kyԑ, na mede spԑԑce ataa so

Efirisԑ me yԑ” king-kong.

Ԑna ԑyԑԑ dԑn?

Sԑ yԑ bԑ hunu sԑ, wo yԑ ԑyԑ mu king-kong de aduane bԑsi wo pono so?

Sԑ amanfo bԑhunu sԑ obiara ntumi mfa wakyi nka fↄm

De sika bԑhyԑ wo bↄtↄmu?

Sԑ obiara bԑhunu sԑ wo ho yԑ dene

De mpuntuo bԑba wo manfo abrabↄ mu?

Think peace,

Think hard work,

Think harmony,

Think development

And cut the chase of war

A gentle mouth sets the pace.

    Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2014.

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