Public opinion is mostly like the waves
They push so hard forward
…only to recede when they hit the dock
And it is so so frightening

They can cheer a death
And turn around to condemn it
They can root for a talent
And turn around to boo it
They can criticize a thing
And turn around to okay it
They can detest a good
And turn around to blame its loss
…on leaders
They are scary
Oh so very scary

They can change by day
Change in hours
Change by night
Change in minutes
To attack what they initially embraced
Making friends enemies and enemies, friends

So rule not solely on public opinion
Cut them a hearing but weigh the odds
For decisions so needed can’t speak for themselves now
Public opinion has that curse of opposing voices
Hitting here and hitting there
In a manner so confusing
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © September 23, 2021

By amoafowaa

Just a simple Ghanaian trying to find the best in our society. I may be fun, I may be interesting, I may be funny, I may even be foolish or intelligent, but it is all based on the mood in which you find yourself. I believe our minds make us who we are. Know that, pain, no matter its 'unbearability', is transient. Unburden or delight yourself for a while in my writings please. And all corrections, advice and opinions are welcome. Know that you are the king, queen or royal on this blog. :)


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