The mic of your soul booms through your eyes
The thunders of your heart
…race and loudly sing through your heartbeats
Every touch is fire to cook trust
Every kiss is a stamp of sincerity
Every smile is a statement of your luck
And every hug gifts a room of safety
How did I get this lucky?

Looking at a perfection –
Standing in a sun of love which makes me –
Checking as my heart races
While I sit to pampering –
With you fine –
I can’t believe you –

If I ever dreamt to find a diamond
…which shines respect
…rays gentility
…adorn with tenderness and care
And is completely smitten to be mine
It was not a dream thought to be realized
…in this here life
That you walked from my dreams to me
Thank you
…you sunShine rising in my aKoma

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © February 14, 2020

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