When the ordinary bowl
…taunts the ceremonial bowl
…with its daily patronage
…forgetting the heat wearing it off
…and it’s lifespan
…being cut short
Life giggles
…time wriggles
…the earth shrivels in anticipatory addition

When the ceremonial bowl
…haunts the ordinary bowl
With its flawlessness
…forgetting its gathering of dust
…and it’s possibly being stolen through out-house exportation
…during an occasion
Beauty falls
…fear yells
As earth yays the crying nays of their end days

Everything hides a dent
…which knows its can’ts
But why we try to make can’ts
Beats imagination
If only one’s strength can complement
…another’s flaw and vice versa!
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 10, 2019

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