When light bleeds out of day
And the sky swallows the moon
And fireflies kill their light
And the world’s energy fails
What will lead eyes to see
…amidst the fear of minds
As frantic hands try a feel?

When the earth gulps seas
…and rivers
And clouds decide to hide
When saliva evaporate from tongue pores
After urine joins the earth’s burn
What will quench thirst
…cool bodies
…fill pores
And store energy in the heart’s regulatory core?

Let’s say the sky decides
…a marriage with the earth
And they decide on blending their skins
As hair on the latter
Which East will direct our West?
Which North will direct our South?

An escape begs for preparation
So why feed on vague distractions?
A better calls for our worse
So why bank on the worst attractions?
Anyansafo are the very minds
…who need no encyclopedias of words
To see the hanging truth
Few words show them
…show them all
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © January 17, 2019

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