Pearl oh see
…see the mockery walking on legs of your nation
…as head!

Pearl oh see
…see the cruelty parading your realm
…as a magnanimous comedian!


Pearl oh see
…see monsters wearing wools of change
…in a heated unfairness!

Pearl oh see
…you shut jubilation doors after a major win
And in outs shots in the breasts of a haunting grief!

Since none sees the be, Pearl oh see
You’re under a clown
…who flags y’all down
Spitting fire to burn hope
Raining hard to drown all that helps to cope
Causing tsunamis to destroy hard earned prestige
Still –
…power helps your nemesis
…divide a mighty nation
…into a battlefield
Pray you don’t end up scooping ashes
…from your hard earned trees of development
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 21, 2019

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