As some blacks act snakes to shed their skins
As some Asians act carpenters
…to sandpaper their skins
As some whites act toasts
…to darken their skins
And some people act boards
…to write on their skins
How do you feel?
Just how do you feel as God?

Most of your creations covet
…what their others don’t boast of
Some shorties want to be tallers
Some tallers want to be shorties
Some slim bodies crave flesh
Some fleshy bodies are dying to be slim
Some pump their mouths like baloons
…to be plumpier
Some crave for small mouths to act lovelier
Some go to add bigger to their boobies
Some go to get cuts off their boobies
What about the back shapers?
Hip adders?
Eyes wideners?
I want to know how you feel
Just let me know how you feel as God

Because humans cry about ingratitude
Some kill themselves when they try so hard
…and satisfaction seems far
In a creation in your like
…which burns with hurts
…trying to act right by their beloveds
I wonder how you act
As you watch us try our remakes
How does it make you feel?
Just how does it make you feel as God?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © December 2019

2 thoughts on “COLOURS

  1. Sometime the children are taught wrong. Hate is force upon innocence minds. I believe we learn great wisdom when we like, who we are. Outstanding poetry and thoughts shared dear Poet.


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