Her lies walked on two legs
…and were hit by another lie on a bicycle
Then yours, on a motorbike, cleared the lie on the bicycle
And thereafter, his lie, riding a plush car
…hit and put yours in a vegetative state
Be happy knowing someone’s lie in a plane
…crashed and killed his lie on the spot
And burst into flames
Killing all the cycle of lies
…and birthing truth

If your “I” survives from the struggling lie
Learn to fix a dash on it
…to at least start the spelling of Truth
It has lost the opportunity of fronting “integrity”
But it’s still not late to fix yourself in its rebuilding
Life is a farm
Humans are farmers
Whatever we plant, we reap in advanced complexity
This is a law unchanging
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © October 23, 2019

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