You can step on charcoal unlighted
…and crush its darks
…showing the sameness of its skin and intestines
But prepare for the flaming coal!

You can smooch the cat
…hold its mouth and throw it off
…sack it up and hit it dead
…into your meat
But prepare for the lion
…even worse, the mothering lioness!

It is only in the river you can swim naked
…with no scalding
Try soaking in the boiling drum
…mating fire
…heating its spittle

You’re naught but a bloated ego!
You’re naught but a lost pride!
You’re naught but a fool bought
…with its own fooling currency
If you feel too wise
…you definitely will one day greet a goat
…at the full glare of your grinning enemies
Imagine the flashes of your bragging in your mind
…as you look behind to meet their ridiculing view
…and there and then, the goat responds
…that will hurt
…sores on soul
You know those never heal
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © June 3, 2019

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