They imagine Christmas in snow
When our feet greet the dust of harmattan
As morning cold bites into skin

They imagine a pot-bellied-red-apparelled-man-myth
With goodies for children
In this drop of cold and heat
Blackmailing children into submission for a short while
Preparing them for rebellion after years of disappointments

They imagine a tree with gifts
When the birthday boy was said to have been begotten
In a stable
Gold, myrrh and incense
Turning into expensive worldly material wishes
Failure, breaking bonds, families and friends

They imagine kissing under a mistletoe
Did the young Canadian Bieber slap our thoughts
Through a simple song?
Or is it simply the blind holding the cane of a trickster?

Indeed Christ’s mask
Replace Christmas
Black men living in white delusions
Worshiping the gods of white living
Instead of words of faith
From the chimney to the snow
White Christmas charms most
You are idol worshippers
Your symbol: anything done by a human in white skin
You whose faith are cheperoned by movies and tales
And experiences of different cultures
You need rewiring
You incurable copycats
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) Dec. 2016

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