A great tree has fallen
A tree that hosted many tired
Sick and confused birds
A tree whose fruit fed all who hungered
A tree whose shade
Shaded all in bad weather
Sad for a tree heavily rooted on the Savannah land
Ah Mad Doctor!
Why do you lie instead of standing?

You were a gift
A blessed gift who gifted himself
To the paupers of the land
A selfless soul whose healing hands
Touched the poor and needy
You did not care about earthly glory
But wrote your words in deeds priceless in annal of morals
Where goeth thou with thy blessed hands?

Even insanities wail for their minds lost to your stolen hands
The sick cry for their healing
Hidden deep in your mind
Frozen by the cruel body hunter who harvests in myth
Even from the cofers of those who can’t decipher its thievery
Your people cry for you
The nation cries your loss
Mad doctor who has been taken by the heavenly choir
The choir whose voice echo in immortality
Even through the weeping of mortals
Choir who jubilate in honour of a soul so deserved
Dr. Abdulai
Mad doctor of the great Savannah
A doctor rare in a generation soiled with greed
DOCTOR rated highest among doctors
May your journey be your crown
All your earthly suffering crowned by your goodness
All our tears forming seas to cool the heavens
Even at the peak of the scorching sun
For your everlasting memory
Engraved in our minds and hearts
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) October 4, 2016


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