He who fears the thorns of beauty
Gets no nectar nor colour
Bravery is catalyst to warriorship
Initiative precedes success
Ask legends of the land

Ask legends of the land
How their feet stood in history
To create spaces for their memories
Ask legends of the land
How their sweat were smoked by fears
To roast success in their mould
Ask legends in history
Their bleeding hearts
Which flooded their stomachs
Through the piercings of failure
Ask legends
Ask legends

Ask legends of the disappointments
So hidden by their dark
Ask legends for the smiles
Flashed through the pains of deceit
Ask legends for the scars backstabbing left on their bodies
Ask legends
Ask legends

Ask and you shall uproot your buttocks
From the sluggishness of procrastination
And move through the heat of the land
In search of your perfect space in history
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) October 4, 2016

One thought on “LEGEND

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