Nana Pokuah
I went to the market to buy fruit
I bought water melon
Thinking it green through and through
Only to cut and see how red it was within
And how cumbersome its many seeds clung to its bleed
Little minds are like watery flour mix
Only heat can harden them to feed
I was completely fooled
I learnt the hard way

Next, I bought some apples
Only to find white at the slightest prick of teeth
Then pawpaw with green frame revealed its yellow self
When my knife probed
Accusing I plucked it young
Hard heats into harder
Harder fanning to hardest
What is after hardest?

Banana also fooled me
Even black berry showing its varying colours
Orange is no different
Why will coconut be any different?
Which fruit will hide no deceit?

Nana Pokuah
Should I stop buying and plucking?
Should I move onto vegetables though a vegetable?
Ha ha
I know your insulting curses echo
In the caves of death
Take a joke, will you?
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) October 3, 2016

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