You are my cock for the night
One I will hang on my cross
When desires creep out to lust site
My ropes, you will come across
Tied in hands, legs and sight
I will fire your feathers, not to your loss
But your gain in high right
For then, I will be your boss
You will glow so bright
I will have none of your toss
But your delight in fright
And lure out your desire
With my fire
When passions are in situations dire
And will your groans hire
As ladders to my lair
Where lies the peak of my desire
If we get into trap of odd’s mire
I will implore your crotch’s empire
To throw in petals of chills
To both our thrills
And consider its pleasure our bills
And carefully descend our hills
Onto the land where sanity fills
Then I will get you new feathers
To protect you from harsh weathers
And dispatch you
To be slaughtered when my cross calls for two
Prepare, you arrogant tool
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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