In the land of dreamers
Beds and pillows are horses
Sleep; reins
Which trot them to all their desires
Their only set backs are
When nature calls
And when hunger and thirst pinch

The neighbouring land of dreamers
Is fantasies
Whose work tools are immobility
And imagination of wishes
Like magicians
They get to live the lives of princes and princesses
And grow into kings and queens
Until the poverty of reality pinches in need
Dreamers flee here
When bed bugs of boredom
Evade their space

Who but a fool sleeps to dream
Like a corpse
When corpses sleep to return to earth?
Whoever swerved hardwork
To enter into the kingdom of success
And stayed there by riding bed and pillow horses
Let him come out in testimony
And give the formula of failure
And be worshipped as the perfect role model
Until you find that he or she
Wake, work, win
That is the only formula of real dreamers
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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