I am a daughter carved half from prized stone
Onto the crowned seat of Kwahu-Abetifi
And carved partly from silver
Akyem Brenase blood being my donor
My first elder sister is married to a Wassanian
The second an Ashanti
My son has an Ewe blood
My second younger brother
Loving a Ga
My God mother hails from Akwapim
And I live in Tamale
My least favourite cousin is married
To one from the Plains
Afram to be precise
My aunt’s daughter having a mulato child
My best friend is from Sehwi
Her husband from Northern Region
My second best friend is from Upper West
My best male friend hails from Nalerigu
My favourite mentee
From Upper East
So who is of  purely one blood?
The world is a sea
Made of divergent rivers
As to why ethnicity calls for labelling and superiority
Using swords of division
I cannot best tell
I know I am all
And all are one
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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