Ya Allah
In hunger they pray
All in a prayer say
Hoping you will hear
Wipe all tears
Quench all fears
And still stay near
And I for them a prayer say

Root out all evil
Terrify all terrors
With every ablution
And every congregation
Every bow of a forehead
Give them peace
With every say of a prayer
Grant more understanding
For before their coming
There was an is
And after their coming
There still will be a will
No need for forced dress of religion
Oh ya Allah
Protect what you create
No life beats another
Destroying your creation
Is no paradise ticket
Grant their hearts humane sense
More understanding
More understanding

For there is no difference
In blood underlinings
Like the humble servant I am
Ya Allah
I know you as only God
All seeing
All powerful
All great
So answer
Answer this prayer
This prayer which comes from “a friend of your children”
As they will say
But I know we are one before you
And I am also your skilled handicraft
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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