The womb of the earth
Births them all

Why would one womb
Birth them all with such variations and roles?
Do flowers love being flowers?
Trees being trees?
Crops being crops?
Weeds being weeds?
Herbs being herbs?

Flowers complain of being used
Their beauty for pleasure
Their nectar untreasured
Beaks from all ends
Drinking like free wine
Dangers from all corners
Threatening like tsunamis
While they are created precious and mostly fragile
Even those with soldier thorns
Facing all dangers
Do they envy trees?

Trees complain of growing in hardships
Facing all
Even those who grow
To birth beauteous flowers
Feel the peckings
And the swords of the winds
They birth in seasons
To lose without reasons
With vampires of leaves, barks and fruits
And besides being homes fit for flying faeces
Axes and dormas call
To slash them dead
Their corpes for carrying from buttocks to stinking corpses
Do they then envy crops?

Crops also complain bitterly
How can they be so nicely parceled
And have so many hunters?
Hunters who bite, chew and swallow their bodies
After seeing to their hellish transition
What irks them most
Is their end in view
Flies settle to sing in disgust
But swallow their rejecting remains
Those who make them into outcasts
Never wanting their second looks
Do they then envy herbs?

Herbs complain
Of battling scaries
Why will their paths be filled with battles of sicknesses
When there are plants
Which enjoy it all?
Air, sun, rain and life
But are hailed in beauty
Hailed in strength
Hailed to sit free
And fall to die?
Do they hate them all including weeds?

Weeds also complain a lot
Why do they grow with others
And are mostly murdered before their time?
They tend to be stronger
But less respected
Might even be more attractive
But abandoned and disgraced
When at all
Will they be respected like herbs, flowers, trees and all?
The world is a misery
No state has no change wishers
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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