Who sees now?
The needs unsatisfied
The yearnings unqualified
The places I’m stupified
Who sees now?
Who sees now?

Let the world turn
And take me to a higher realm
Where a little brightness lurks
The hidden families will surface
The unseen demands will roar
The naked love will kneel
Stooges of needs will lick boots
As praises or curses follow

Who sees now?
The feet worthy of worship
The bags worthy of being held in help
The fake compliments to speed up needs
Who sees now?
Who sees now?

Let all eyes blinded today
Be blind forever no matter the change
Haters must remain haters
Lovers, lovers
Back-bitters, back-bitters
For I am now in the dark
Watching the commotion in the light
Don’t confuse me with change
When I get into the light
Because then I will sadly grope
As the light may blind
And grant my rehearsals null and void
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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