Heads abound
In this room like a very fertile tree
With many fruits to show
Young heads show their flowery leaves
Some dark brown
Some black
Some heads are like paths to bush farms
Very cleared middles
Forest on both sides
Others; like farms with uneven bush burning
Ha ha ha ha! Agyeiiiiiiii!
Some heads are like naked calabashes
All they need is shea to turn mirrors
Some heads are like blessed knights
All grown with leaves as white as snow
Some heads are adorned with caps
Only God knows what they hide
Whether baldness  of pates
Or fashion to play
Some few heads are veiled or “dukud”
Hoarding feminine sides
Or their dirty and unkempt sides
He he he he!
Some are alienated with wigs twisted
Wigs weaved
Wigs usurping virgin heads which live on their natural habitats
Funny how few heads wear spectacles
Have they suddenly developed eyes?
So many different heads
Same agenda
Like many football teams playing one issue on a small park
Congesting and annoying
Heads oh heads!!!
What abundance in the midst of ignorance!!!
Earth has many cooking meals
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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