Cupidic clothes
Wrap me up
I don’t mind the stupid
Make this heart clap
I need to feel bubbly like a fulfilled girl
Happy like a champion
Busy in thoughts like a fancy day dreamer
Peaceful like an unstired river
Flowy like sea waves
Giggly like a plugged Barbie
And drive on wheels of heaven
Shaming cloud-niners

Cupidic clothes
Wear me full
I don’t mind being timid
Or even your tool or a fool
Once you enthrone me on your stool
I will dance to all your tunes
I just hope for a happy major
Some cows cower before ants
Consider me the cow
And you the ant
Some lionesses jump on the orders of flies
Consider me a lioness
And you the fly
I know vultures fight their mirrored selves
But I promise to smartness off tune
Just wrap me in

I will hear no wagging tongue
I promise
I will see no burning eye
I promise
I will see no pointing fingers
I promise
And will fall for as long as you schedule
Wrap me in
Please wrap me in
And save good hearts from my trippings
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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