Oh stone angel!
Born in the palm of heaven
With coolness and serenity
As servants and companions
Beautiful abodes
As her eyes’ bonafied properties
Healthy trees dancing on mountain tops
Her protectors and breath givers
Like a free bird
She was born to fly in dancing
Watching the rivers snake happily down her feet
As Akwaasua whistles in travels as Okuafuomu giggles
Bouncing on the much air given by her sphere
And slept soundly
As stones kept watch as her guards
Needs flew her here
Here, where hell’s fires burn in harmattan
Where aliens with rights taunt
“Are you from here?”
Where she struggles to save her kind
From demi gods turned demons
Where a little defect is tantamount to death
Where a little squabble can turn into war
Where her worthiness is a bother
Her flaws; her worthiness
Where shea butter abounds
But the land’s cracks can be seen from south
As shea is transported to the smooth south
Leaving the land barren
Here, where few birds curse
As choirs of angelic birds sing beautifully in her heavens
Humans are really birds
Birds fortunate and or unfortunate
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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