When furious winds wake

Some trees are uprooted

Others break in two

Others break into several pieces

Others lose their branches

Others lose their fruits

Others lose their leaves

But the toughest ones are unaffected
And all affected have faith of resurrection
When blessed rains visit
Their only prayers; not to be visited by fire
Or be seen by wood pickers

Pure hurdles breed puzzles
And cause fear and shivers to nuzzle
As bees make honey
So will emotions waver at the dawn of hurdles
There are heads whose crowns will fall
Tongues which will lose their languages
Ears which will lose their hearing
Mouths which will close forever
Eyes which will lose their sight
Hands and feet which will become numb
Backs which will break
Necks which will snap
Hearts which will bleed
Breaths which will fly to the unknown
But there are bodies which will walk through
With no scratches

After the hurdle
How one bounces back
Is the will of will to win
The faith of faith in fate
The love of love to live
A reason of reason to roll
Without any of these
Life bounces like a ball
Into a deep hole of oblivion
Never to be seen ever again
These are the puzzles of struggles
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016


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