I need to swim
Swim in the streams of your eyes
I need to bathe
Bathe in the rivers of your mouth
I need to massage
Massage the inner chambers of your ears
Like a thumb massaging strings of a guitar

I need to fit
Fit into the cave of your neck
I need to press
Press comfortably on the mounds of your chest
I need to smell
Smell the flavours of your gardens
I need to hold
Hold you like my world of wealth
Being eyed by robbers of day and night

I need to stand
Stand on toes to reach your fruit
I need to stretch
Stretch like an elastic to reach your skies
I need to feel
Feel the breaths of the pores on your skin
I need to tickle
Tickle and tease out your very shy goosebumps
And swing on your sling
To drink in your wings
And be blessed by your wines

Your stars are calling my bluff
Your moon, chuckling like a god
Your clouds hide
Waiting to wet my lands
As your thunders rage and rant
But the eyelids of your lightening
Scare me not
I need to fetch
Fetch my wishes
Even from the mouth of a famished lion
I will dare
Dare to feed my need
For my wholesome wholeness
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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