I loathe your footmat
And fear your realm
I dread your unconsciousness
And pray away your time
As I walk like a robot back and forth my dreams,
The one your brother formed at his prime,
His visions are like hell
His thoughts; the heat that the Bible speaks of
Where and how you form your real cartoons
Which model my real beings
Marvels and scares
Who or what gives you power of magic
Frustrates and haunts
Why you form laser eyes in darkness
To scare the innocent
Annoys into craze
And your power of knocking me cold into your torture
Moulds around me mounds of desperation

You have your rights!
You certainly have your brights!
Please spare me your fights
I fear that height
Knock me cold into your life-line
So I see nor hear none in your cinema
Such frights at your sites
Set my sights on tight pain
And horrors which transfer to all your twin siblings
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

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