This place of yearning

Owns a churning

As rain seeps through the pores of the earth

And the earth cries in cracks for the thirst of it

So does the yearning begs attention


Withering prime!

Anxious crime!

The bells loudly chime!

Deeds deal not with dimes!

Hold me in your arms

Those strong arms

Pull me through my schedules

Though I am still in the cradle

Crying wolf where sheep play


I and I and I and I

Surround me in all I seek

When she, he, you and we

Is what aids and plaits and shades in trade

Mark my steps

Hold me firm

Make me a seer

When blindness eves

On this trip adorned with slips

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

PHOTO CREDIT: mariefoxpaintingaday.blogspot.com

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