When a lioness puffs loudly in chase

Its game triumph

For they know

Their fleeing tactics drain their murderers

So even when caught

They face death with a smile


When the goat bleats loudly in running

All know there is danger

That is, if nanny is not in sight

Chances are, its deeds do chase

Or its graves calls out

Either way, none pleasant


When a dog takes the opposite picture of a cat and barks loudly

It smells danger like a repugnant scent

And wishes it away

But fears the coward tag

So calls for audience before it pounces

Eyes, its bravery enhances


I wish to step into no shoes

Of a hungry lioness nor a bleating goat

Of a cowardly dog nor a nerdy cat

Just hold my hand when slime’s slip shines

Hold my head up when the sun does burn

Until my last sun sets, Maker of me!

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia © 2016

5 thoughts on “OBSERVING PLEA

  1. I too long to be neither predator or prey or a coward. I long for that Day when the lion and the lamb lie down in me in peace and all in the world the same. I’m always amazed by how many levels I can connect with in your poetry and yet, you live in such a different world than mine and so far away. Amazing.


      1. Adam and Eve had it cushy but chose sin, their own desire for god-hood. Their fall initiated the creation of a fallen world in which one creature must die for another to live. This is the crux of blood sacrifice, it’s spiritual meaning, our cruel reality. How amazing is Jesus who instead, offered His own body and blood as food and drink, in order to break the cycle, and open the door that leads to restoration with God and a return to that perfect paradise. Hold on, little sister. Jesus is coming again soon and the meek will inherit the earth. Love you.


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