I want to be like the tree

Planted beside the Okuafuom well

So I will  never lack as I stand guard

And will never have to be cut down

“Ahunuabobirim”, please be my planter


I need to be like a pious lamb

Kept in the house of sinful innocence

Serving all scrupulous like a contented servant

So I will never have to lift a limb to battle pride

“Okumuokufo. Awurade e”, be my master


I need to be like a fertile tree

Whose fruits feed all famished

As my branches and leaves umbrella the tired

Becoming hands to cover the angry face of the sun

“Onyame kese”, manufacture my manure


You are the Almighty

You are my guide

You are the ultimate achiever

The writer of all fates

You are the maker and overseer of all

I kneel my Lord, please hear this prayer

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2016

(All the quoted words are names for God in the Akan or Twi language of Ghana. Photo Credit: Google pics)

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