Lying like a soft egg left to cool

The airs mould for stamina and or tombila

Sitting with curtains of innocence

Blinding hurdles, cuddles, muddles, struggles

Like a light tent pregnant with a child

But seeking war with wild winds

Few more breaths held legs and hands

And injected them with the strength of mobility

Putting mind to the test to distinguish murderers

From helpers while mentoring eyes take their nap

Crawling gods mark their exams

Sign their tests and make requests

In their quests to graduate fours onto twos

Then knees shiver with quivers of low confidence

Loving the tests, fearing its failures in fall

Occasional falls teach acts of rising

Until feet prompt of tiredness

And call for all to join in to gun for the tent which shields destinies

Walkings smile at their births

Tearing tents of innocence like their enemies

With every breath

Every ring of the bell of seconds

With every step of the leg of minutes

Every shift of the buttocks of hours

Into days and months and years

This cycle of continuum crochets into clothes of cruelty

And or comfort

It seems like the peppery massage of imperialism

Dodging is no option

And regrets either coil or become the champion which rules

Until breaths decide to leave the cowardly bodies to fall

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

 (Photo Credit:

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