Eno Adwoa-Okua
Please cross the ancestral line
And put your sleepy buttocks
On my shocked seat
And listen
I am so interested in what you will have to say to this one

An Adam claims I am his Eve
Says something about dancing in front of the naked skies
Drinking the virgin dew of the day
And dining on mattress of grass
As if that is not enough
He added that he is a lion
And fears the fact that I am a cat
So will definitely teach me some tricks
So I can protect myself from hyenas
As that will give him peace

Just look at these bones
These bones which fear to even bond
I think he wants a nice way to break them
A nice way to hurt me
Do I play with hyenas?
Do I play to be played?
Why would a Goliath want to play karat with an Adwoa Smart?
I am like a scared little shadow
Following a careless owner
I am bumping into stones
I fear to look at my sores
But miraculously, I still have none
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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