When I wore spectacles of innocence

And wore the clothes of fancy daydreams

When I walked the grounds seeking swift knights

And had the smile of complete trust

When I walked in authority

Thinking dreams could be commanded

When I had the shape of a perfect heart

And had a mind untainted by bitter experiences

I thought all leaves medications

All fruits edible

All liquids quencher of thirsts

All wings lendable

And all fins borrowable


Until bees of realism stung

Horrors of nightmares showed on gigantic thought screens

Hands of disappointments slapped like hands of high soldiers

Unwrapping fruits of deceits

Arrows of pain pierced

Horses of hatred raced

As echoes of failures danced

Bouncing on stones with teasing strokes


Even the attractive moon that pampered

The glowing star-companions I worshipped

Are suspects of ill machination collaborators

Against my steps

How many steps did it take to get here?

Are they retractable?

How many breaths did it take to get this far?

Are they undoable?

How many pinches have I so far by needles life?

This pained agony considered sweetly sour!

Life is a live coal to some

And a soft carpet to some

Unfairness lives only in name

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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