In You I have a shelter
A shelter for my woes
When all those spears do filter
Filter from my foes
You have the skin to counter
To counter and heal my lows
In the army of disaster
Disaster with many bows
You melt for me all arrows
Which like planes in air do row
I am glad you are my shelter
And an army for my foes
I know I litter
And make you quiver
And I don’t at all behave proper
But You are a good driver
In all my giving trauma
And You do deliver
So I bend these knees
And raise these hands
I close this mind
After letting you in
To sweep the filth
And plant the best
Redeemer unknown
A myth unshown
An electrification so potent
Take possession of this wire
This wire You created
A wire which finds the only shelter in you
You and only You
Most High God
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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