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The world is a church
A church which has welcomed all
From the petty thief
To the grand liar
From the hungry pauper
To the ambitious climber
From the true worshippers
To the hypocrites

If the church is shaking silly

And its winds are turning murderous

Let’s empty our stomachs and kneel
 As we pray

Let’s pray
Cancelling all messengers we trust
Let’s pray
In all voice yoked into one
Let’s pray
For the ones who need
But hate hard hurdles
And take by breaking like lions break bones
Let’s pray

For cowards who fear haunting truths
So hide behind its opposition to haunt
Or push blames like trucks on innocent souls
Let’s pray
For those whose mirrors
Tell tales of ugly intruders when they show their faces
So trust their lenses and hate on the beautifuls
Like hateful rivals with super powers
Let’s pray
For proud prideful souls
Who hate the thought of being called robbers
So hide like bats and owls in darkness
Using covers of suits, pens and positions
To loot all-things to gift in littles
While keeping the lot
To act as saints in front of their wronged
Let’s pray
For those who try Impossibly to be like others
 Those who hate to be themselves
For those who cry wolf when flies hover

For those who think their salvation lie in death of others
For those who sell unsellables to a point of corroding
Let’s pray
Let’s pray for the ears of God to open and listen
To the right words from our unanimous hearts
Not prayers of aid robbing
Nor aid slaughtering
Or aid superiority
Let’s pray
Let’s pray for the world we rule
One we have turned so crude

So God burns pain to make all sane
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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