Mud, although unrespected
Begets lotus which fragrances the world
I call out to you
I call out like a saving bell
To you whose face is in the mud
As your back is made the footmat of supposed worthy legs
Rise, and know mud is the clot which begets beautiful pots
Take my lead and live

Dung, although smelly
Is the fertilizer which feeds foods fat
I call on you known as dung
To turn and feed what is buried to feed
Does any VIP head lacks buttocks?
Are there buttocks which produce gold?
If no eye wishes to see the end of any eaten food
No matter how expensive
Then know you are no different
From crown decorated heads
Do listen
And follow my lead to live

There is none so pampered
By moths beneath
And none with a metallic and chiselled heart
Also none with a skin immuned to age
So I call
I call on you
Yes you who sweats
You who is wet from hurts and pain
You who is a wreck
And your thoughts have fled
To follow my lead and smile
For there is no mouth that feeds from the sky
The earth sponsors us all
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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