Sitting under the umbrella of civilization

I see no village sky

I scan my brain but there’s an incrimination

Thanks to technology patriotism, my mind says fie!


The beautiful sky with the virgin moon

Which has many stars with no fornication to trace

Just sank into disappointments as it lost its swoon

To discos, cinemas and under ceiling pace


All its audience like ship-on-an-ocean lost

The village sky does faze like fake paints

On a slippery slate at hurt’s cost

Its falling stardom squashed by greed’s giants


It took away its fireflies glow

And took away its beautiful photo shoots on earth

And took its mirrors off all that flow

Which to all dark amazing, did give birth


It seems it is taking the storied old

Who garnished forming ashes with stories of old

To attract the smiles of innocence of bold

And made antagonists to seem so cold


Now the trees have lost their loving visitors

And live so lonely because now snakes have fled

Even owls now flee from their spirit hunters

This is where urbanization’s truck, with us, has led

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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