Once, some ropes
Lived in single streams
They fought over many things
Like enemies competing for space
Until Odomankoma got angry
And made a decision to knot them together

Those who claimed allergy to others’ sweats
Those who wanted to murder others to feel better
Those who sat on fences
Were all given a naval
So hurt of one affected the other

It so happened that Odomankoma’s appeal chambers
Became full
Complaints unfounded
Complaints never planted
He harvested in bountiful yields
Calls of pain paraded naked
In His chambers like a mob of angry protesters
So He made another decision
To untie the knots
After they were untied
Another complaints started
Murder among others
Fearing another complaint stampede
He knoted their problems
And flew abroad the sky
And here we are
Single ropes with knoted problems
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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