What do you do?
When mouths quiver
After eyes and minds inform them of your presence

How do you live?
When you fall into the perfect line of societal uglyhood
Do you get scared
When you see frightened eyes
And find your image in the mirrors if their eyes?

Do you own a mirror?
Has your mother ever praised your handsomeness?
Has anyone seen you in a glorious light?
Sorry to ask this
But do you own a mirror?
If you do, does it also get frightened when it catches your reflection?
What a question!
Amoafowaa behave!

I cry foul
Crying life is like a rotten wound being tended to
By wicked hot water
Arrested by a rag
Both caught by a metal
In the hands of a mindless healer
Then I see you
I think I am you
And I retreat like a tortoise in fear,
Into the shell of my real self
After tasting your skin in just one bite,
You must be the hell on two legs
You must be the one God created
In His bid to scare naughty birds
From His prized rice farm
If so, He did you wrong
For by achieving His aim,
He did make a horror terrorist
With a heart calling on love
Too bad these lips can’t part
For these words and rhetorics to reach your wronged thoughts
All the eyes say, I know though that you hear
You unfortunate thingy
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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