He who knows the story

Knows how to celebrate for his glory

Once, a prophet Ibrahim

Was ordered by Allah

To sacrifice his son

Who was known as Ismaeel

For He; Allah’s pleasure

Ismaeel was Prophet Ibrahim’s treasure

Whom none could measure

But he heeded the call of Allah

And Allah too ended his trials and testing

Of his beloved prophet

Muslims travel on pilgrimage like Prophet Ibrahim

Observing a ten day continuous ritual

Following Islamic calender of Rajab

The end, marked with sacrifices


This is the very same story

In the Christians Holy Bible

Where Abraham had to sacrifice Isaac

And God provided a ram

Freeing his beloved son

A sign that all are connected


So brothers make merry

And sisters, make merry

As you gain confidence

For something was nearly taken

From a womb like yours

Something was almost broken

In a heart like yours

Free of suppression

Pray and dance for Allah’s blessings

Whether your legs have seen the pilgrim’s land or not

You are part of this righteous celebration

That is marked for Allah’s praise and adoration

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

With help from Sofo Yumzaa

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