Some men are like cockerels
They praise “Your beauty! Kokrokoo kooo”
Loving the rays which help them shine
But always work for their stomachs only
Still wanting coolers to burn their heats
When their fires spark

Some men are like parrots
Chirping in gossiping
Living with no shame
Kissing and telling and hurting and yelling
Poking their noses in defecation of others
And forcing busy eyes to witness

Some men are goats
They smell skirts  from million miles away
They always want to climb it all
Even mountainous hips feeling no pain of canes
Wanting all their juices to meet eggs in their stubbornness
Although they know the fusion will grow their rivals
They hope for other holes to grow to scratch their sticks
And they always seek holes where there is none
When they have an itch, they can dig holes in stones to scratch

Some men are like peacocks
Always with raised shoulders
Like they have long brightened colours to fly
Wanting lovers to always sing praises
So they can nod their heads like wealthy kings
When they host holes in which foul air travels
To disturb ordinary noses and that of their own

Some men are like baboons
Working for riches to use as nets to catch fishes
And when they catch the fishes
They themselves become their dishes
Feeding the fishes until they finish on their bone plates

Some men are like ostriches
Burying their egos in the sand when in need
Bringing it to full glare when it is comfortable
To haunt and taunt their benefactors to fall
Laughing to themselves that they’ve succeeded

Some men are like Leeches
They look for comfortable places to plant themselves And make sure to never Leave until all blood droughts
And have no eyes to care about their ruineds

Some men are like dogs
Barking in praises
Surrendering in promises
As long as they feed
They become faithful
Willing to die for their masters in pleasure
Always hunting to please
They can go through the most filthy and still be loyal

There are those like Guinea fowls
No matter the home loving
They fly far like hell does chase
Those like chameleons do scare most
But men are men in their dynamism
Only their complexions parcel their lots
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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