Problems, like raw yams,
Itch tongues
Urging them to roll
Like red carpets
Aiming for knights to come through
Shut the mouth tight
And lock it in
For ears abound
Hovering to make fun forever
With you on your painful problem stage

Problems like chopping onions
Sting the eyes
Forcing them to cry in rivers
Shut eyelids tight
To force reflection
We need no head aches
And no eye colouring to show

Problems like strong hands
Hit and break hearts
Forcing faces to show
Sorrowful eyes
Ground searching heads
Lift your heads
Force smiles
For enemies are waiting to laugh
In those moments

There is nothing like pain forever
Life deals with the double “H’s”
Hurts, Happiness
Make God the communication channel
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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