Alaha lives like a bush cowboy
But dopes a suit like a banker “boi”
To go after one who can employ
All because he needs a sweetened girl,  “boi”
But that is so coy
He knows no taste of a milk called soy
All he needs is a good cow’s milk “boi”

Alaha says he wants a girl so sweet
He hates those girls so tanned like wheat
He could do with one who could make him drunk
But a sweet girl will give him tooth decay
And a girl on the drinks will spoil his lungs
“Boi boi boi, boi yie boi”

If all cowboys could milk their cows
And look at girls who love the hays
They sure would find horses who gallop
And make sweet love on hays in laughing suns
Scaring storms
Breaking horses
Singing their songs
Inviting birds in a chorus
And keep their hearts where they belong
Instead of wandering and stepping on thorns
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


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