I am awed at the fraud
Which sings tunes of stardom
On the world front making us odd
Like beings whose brains are pounded and eaten in a kingdom
Seeking hidden masters for their golden throne
All the beauties hidden within, imprisoned by strong deceitful stones
In what is hidden lies hospitality
Smiling like the sun greeting early eyes
Servicing brutes who need no ties
In the hidden lie beautiful waterfalls
Giggling in freedom and hugging all who matter
Having no mouths to kick the lies to halt calls
When it travels beyond where many cater
In what is hidden sits freedom
Freedom whose worth is immeasurable
Which smells of a king deserving stardom
In the hidden lies fertility of the earth
The gentility of its breath
The rich kingdoms of the seas
The open truth, it holds no bees
In the hidden lie beautiful buildings
Ones which compete with the moderns
Smooth highways are lost in there
While dusty roads represent, not fair
The beautifully dressed are in the hidden
As the world mocks only its tattered forbidden
Let the umbrellas be strong
And the elephants belong
And hold hands to show the love,
The love which is like the biblical dove
Let the sun shine on the hidden
The hidden Ghana locked and forgotten
What do we gain by taking our rottens to the market?
Exchangeable papers with rules of disadvantaged worship?
Let us consider our pride? Please open the gates of the hidden
To cut the tags making us stagger To show the world the true us
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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