He says I am a devil

A devil because I’m evil

But I still remain civil

Sensing his taunting peril


Then he starts explaining

“Your voice is made by Satan

Sucking all breaths like harmattan

Your body is in bloom like the seductive flower

Your mind has too much power

Making me feel so lower”

I choke on my chuckle and soar his complaining


“You laugh at a me

Who know powers that be?

I am a tower

A tower you seek to cower

And you can’t see?

I can break you like dry stick

Make you fall and sand lick

And oh my threats deepen your laugh?

Oh this sends shivers down my path

But come, I want to give you a ride home”

Giggles and laughter


Don’t search my mind

I don’t his candidness mind

But for once in my life

I see myself as an oppressor

Looking mercifully at her oppressed

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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