A house devoured all homes

As the skies sat to watch

The only saviour was an anthill

Which stood still filing its nails,

Caring not about the chaos


A mouse chased a lion

As all cats hid behind trees, watching

The only saviour was a housefly

Who sang and sang and cared not

About the shrilled cries of the lion


The sun swallowed the earth

And a mosquito seemed to be the only saviour

But it clapped and laughed and heeded not

To the wails of the swallowed


All humans turned mud in the mouth of the sun

But hearts were beating

“Kum, kim, kain, kan, kim, kum, ka”

Pain reigned in high places

As teeth gnashed against teeth

Claws melted in defeat

Hairs stood in with fearful faces

Sweat became floods and just when the heart could stand no more

The eyes flickered, curtains came in sight

The bed creaked, it dawns

It was a dream

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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