We are like beans
In different pods
But you are like the sun, air and rain
On my comfortable grounds
In a sky where darkness has a portion
You are that patient god
Hiding in the heavens
Rooting for this little star
When I lose my light in the fury of darkness
You tear through with lightning
To help me see your cheering face
Naughty is a little star which strays in horrid clouds
But you are that ever patient heaven
Which throws out all sky complaints
And declare your faith in me
Miles and miles and miles
Can do no damage
Because you know what you have
And you know what it wants
And you know none can treat what you have
The way it wants
And none will have the patience
To explore its stem to hold its root
So you are the deal
And nothing must make you feel
Like an aside
For you are so pure that I fear to taint
You are so innocent I fear to stain
But above all, I know that none can be like you
Maybe I feel you only deserve worshipping
And can’t stand the thought of your worshipping
But it all boils down to who holds my trust
So calm the storms
Caused by my naughty ways
Warm the cold created by my haughty ways
Destroy the rage with your angelic shine
For no matter how much I whine
You are what you always will be
My heaven on earth
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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