If I am made to write “My Best Friend”
I will think of all the time
My stomach rumbled as you sheltered my rear
I feed you filth
But you provide a seat
And when I am cornered by an angry mob
You are my fortress
My hiding place
On your head, I have thought of the world’s beauty
On your head, I have written like a motivated Confucius
On your head, I have reflected on deeds in flashbacks
As you provide the screens for me to see
To see in remorse
Or be rooted on my grounds
And in all the places
You shield well my tears
Sometimes quenching them when knocks of your visitors sound
By your side no noise from within me is foul
Even if you have a nose
You never ever show you are rude
No matter how crude
I am myself in your presence
There are many a friend
But if I am asked to write on the subject
If I am really asked to write on “My Best Friend”
I know I will write on you Water Closet
Because you have seen many a dirty me
Flushed many a filthy me things
And harboured so much of my downs
Expecting nothing but a clean up here and there
None can you compare WC
And that is why you are my bestie
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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