Here I lay
Like a tired lonely child
Inwardly crying for the safety of my seed
While praying for the safety of family
As I ask for strength to see all through
To such a time as fishers and farmers will abound
Leaving my food and fishes safe
But some demi-gods are on display
Throwing tantrums to throw me off balance

One thinks I am his
And that no matter who is in my heart
That person is usurping
The other thinks he likes me only as a pleasure tool
The other thinks he has a lover but needs me as a decoration
What of the many others
Bugging to fit me like a doll
Into their second slots?
And oh! I dislike dealing with the toy boys
Who believe I am a gift from heaven
What is it at all about the other
Who thinks he can break it off and come any time he pleases?
It is a confusing state
As I only have eyes for one
One who keeps considering
Doing all he can to help me through
The qualms of life
So I feel the rest are rubrics

Rubrics but they keep evading
Evading some space in my thoughts
Defiling some strands
Just because I have shown them some care
Some motherly; that went wrong
Some sisterly; that went bad
Some passionate; that went misintepreted
I have seen it all now
I now know I am a sexual tool
My voice attracts than Satan’s
My stature lights passions of most
My intelligence a fuel for possession
But did I create me?
Why must I hear, see and deal with these?

I feel my thoughts defiled
When school waits to graze most of it
I have my thoughts defiled
When there are many hungry mouths to feed
I have my thoughts defiled
When work calls
And the world calls for my voice
Grazed,  abused, harmed
When all I want is a lovely one
One who knows himself and stays farther apart
I call all these rubrics
Waiting for the content to claim his space
And help delete all the unnecessary information
To make room for airy space
Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015


  1. UI believe that God has blessed your mind and your pen in a very exceptional manner. You write in a very unique style and as one reads through he is able to walk in a palace that’s your beautiful mind. Blessings!


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