Flowers-Crushed-Main_article_imageExcited, I felt the pangs of passions

Anxious, I yearned for thoughts of favour

Loving, I waited for the angelic verdict

But in he came with a plan to have

And hold firm another flower in bloom

Oh God!

And I felt dirty in gentle thoughts


How odd

I could have shrugged it off

How odd

I could have guttered the thoughts

But being dirty in gentle thoughts

Smelt suffocation

Smelt pain

Smelt hell

And I sought clearly to be well


Why are they mostly like that?

Like dirty water in slippery gutter

They sail dragging piety in their dirt

They pass caring not about wails in derail

Women are Woes Of Menace and End-Stars

Sad, so sad

Amoafowaa Sefa Cecilia (c) 2015

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